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Starting out as an editor for Cinemacake Filmmakers, a high-end boutique production company based in PA, I learned the do’s and dont’s of shooting a wedding from the comfort of the editing studio. It really can’t be undersold how valuable editing experience is to producing quality content.  Since I knew the content that editors would need, I was able to branch beyond. Connecting with the client helps me to capture a family’s dynamic. Being present and invisible for every moment, I’ve frozen that moment when the bride and groom steal a glance at one another.

Capturing intimate moments people will cherish for a lifetime, especially those most intimate, is what you’ll reflect on for years to come. Your most magical memories will be seen through the eyes of someone who values such a sentiment — it’s what drives me to make my films a perfect encapsulation of the day. I want my clients to watch their films for the rest of their lives, able to relive those vivid memories as if they just happened last week, and share them for generations.

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