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I first picked up a camera in the summer of… BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…

I know that you don’t care about that. So here’s the real stuff.

You want great photographs of your wedding day, you want your friends and family to have a great time, and you want high quality products delivered in a reasonable time frame.

Well, that’s what I do.

Nothing is ever “cookie-cutter” with me. I know that you have spent a lot of time planning your wedding day and your wedding is unique to you.
That’s how I treat it, every experience is a custom experience. Sure, there are some pre-made packages to choose from but they just give us a starting place. What actually happens on your wedding day is completely up to you, not me! Of course, I’m here to help you and guide you when you ask for it, but I’m never going to tell you you have to do something when it comes to a schedule or when it comes to a photo.

If you are looking for someone who is relaxed, professional, relatable, unobtrusive, and absolutely there to photograph every important moment, then I’d love to get together to meet you and chat about your wedding day!



"Simply incredible! My sister used The Story Photography for her wedding in Cape Cod in 2016 and when I got engaged he was the first vendor I looked to book. He is such a joy to work with and his pictures are breathtaking. My wedding was impact by Covid-19 and The Story Photography did everything to accommodate our change in dates. We ended up using Chris for our small ceremony this August, after my husband and I had to delay our wedding a full year and we are so, so glad Chris was able to be there. With it being our plan C and the 'backyard wedding' version, it's not like the scenery was pristine, my wedding ceremony was in my parents driveway, the decorations were homemade, but with The Story Photography's pictures, you would never know. He has such a gift with his photos and the ability to make any scene beautiful. We could not be happier with how he was able to capture the special day for us. My family raves about how Chris is the type of photographer who does everything to capture the special moments of your wedding day, but is also is so careful to not ever get in the way. For my sister's wedding and for mine, he is brief when he needs to be, he never wants the bride and groom to miss a moment, and he can blend in so easily to the point where you forget he is a vendor! A great photographer is one who the wedding guests barely notice. That is Chris! His work is exceptional, he never makes you do anything uncomfortable or cheesy, he is totally there to guide you through the pictures, get you in and out so you can enjoy the wedding day and gift you with the most amazing wedding photos you could ask for. From our engagement photos, to planning for the wedding, rescheduling, and being there the Wedding day, I am so happy we had Chris to work with. My husband also made a point to say how easy The Story Photography was to work with. Especially for a guy, they can tense up if the photographer makes you do anything too far for photos. He really felt like our friend by the end of it all who is happy to be there. He makes it so special and really joins in on the magic of your wedding. I cannot recommend him enough and am already telling the rest of my siblings that their photographer is already picked for their weddings :)"


"Chris was absolutely the best! He was so professional, so easy to be around, and his pictures allowed us to relive the best day all over again! Both me and my brother had a great experience using Chris! I highly recommend!!"


"Chris is an incredible photographer, a professional businessman, and a wonderful human. Look no further - you have found your wedding photographer. I cannot speak more highly of how seamlessly he fit into our day, captured every moment, and delivered our photos quickly! Thank you!!"

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