Bride and Groom in a Helicopter

To ride or not to ride, the sky’s the limit!

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April 6, 2022

Today’s couples have many options for all the transportation needs for their special day.

What is the style and theme of your wedding? Formal ballroom, you may want limos. Barn, outdoor you may want buses. What’s your color theme? Let’s not forget the horse and buggy options available if that’s your theme match. Many limousines and buses have different color lights napkins to match your color theme. Let the theme and style dictate the transportation.

Don’t think just wheels. You have a water front reception or ceremony. How about arriving by boat or helicopter.

Who pays? If your wedding is out of town and many had to travel and book a hotel then the traveling guest normally have transportation to the ceremony site and or reception available by their bride or groom side. That is normally a bus that can transport all.

The bridal party transportation has options. The bride and her bridesmaids, depending on how many are in the party along with her parents can all be transported by a stretch limo.

After the ceremony the limousine is normally for the married couple as they start their life together. The groomsmen or a friend are available for the bridesmaids to get to the reception.

When the ceremony site and reception are all at the same place often there is not a need for transportation. But again remember the elderly and any out of town guest.

Your wedding day is a day you want to relax, enjoy and have fun. Transportation companies have many different options to choose from and they make the start of your day relaxing.


All photos courtesy Emerald Stone Photography

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