Which Flower Should be a Part of Your Floral Arrangement and Why?

January 20, 2020

Have you ever imagined how dull the world would be without flowers? How flowers enhance our mood? Flowers give a beautiful extra touch to any occasion, especially a wedding. The choices for wedding floral arrangements are endless, but your choice if trendy or classy, colorful or theme based, depends on your mood and personality.


Classy yet modern. Roses are a symbol of love and eternal promises. They have always been a part of fairy tales or our beautiful wedding movies. Roses come in many colors. A setup with roses will give a classic fairytale like touch to any wedding. There are about 3000 varieties of roses available all over the world.


Flower of happiness or commitment, tulips are often used for weddings as they exhibit beauty and delicacy. Tulips come in many hues and are often popular for trendy floral arrangements. Pinks, yellows, and peaches are quite popular and available all year round. There are some vibrant tulips too which enhance the ambiance with bright and vibrant shades.

Lily of the Valley

The ladder to heaven is a beautiful little bell-shaped flower that dangles from a stem and looks divine in a flower bouquet. They have a beautiful, mesmerizing scent which is pretty unique. The florets can be placed at the center of the tables to enhance the look. This flower also became quite famous after Kate Middleton’s wedding.


Peonies are famous for their bright colors and terrific scent. They are known for their lavish look which makes the decor look exceptionally stylish. They are easily available in the summertime. A beautiful bouquet of peonies will add a beautiful touch to your wedding.

Calla lilies

These beautiful bell-shaped flowers are a wonderful choice for an elegant wedding arrangement. They come in two distinct sizes, large flowers with long stems or small miniature sized for centerpiece arrangements. The stunning flowers come in mauve, pink, ivory, orange, yellow and purple color.

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