Choosing the Right Outfit for Your Bridesmaids

January 20, 2020

Three to six beautifully dressed women in similar silk dresses and almost similar hairdos, wearing headbands or jewelry, holding traditional bouquets are the closest to the bride. The bridesmaids have a lot of responsibilities too. From moral support to keeping the bride calm on the big day falls in the hands of these lovely bridesmaids. These are your very own handpicked bridesmaids who are probably sisters, best friends, cousins, etc. It is a tough call when you have to choose your bridesmaids, but it is a tougher call when you must decide what they should wear. You must find as way to keep everyone happy and listen to their suggestions, but since it is your big day the final decision is yours.

The real joy lies in looking at beautifully colored and coordinated dresses in a wedding picture with ear to ear smiles on everyone’s faces.

Of course, there is no secret that the bridesmaids’ dresses should be coordinating with your wedding dress, but if you are wearing something extremely extravagant and delicate, you might want to choose a similar color or fabric for them. In some weddings, if the bride is wearing a long, lacy outfit, the bridesmaids wear short dresses which are not too lacy. Think about the necklines and the heels you would want them to wear. This is also important as some people do not wear high heels at all.

Once you have decided who your bridesmaids are going to be, then discuss at least five colors that go well with the skin tones. The wrong type of cut can also be a disaster for the bridesmaids. If the bridesmaids are of a different size, then short dresses or skirts might suit some of them. Taking a look around for available choices and letting everyone try it on, might be a life saver.

Once again, keep in mind the weather and season. Wearing a short dress on a freezing winter night might not be a good idea. Just keep in mind what will look good and keep your friends comfortable.

Remember, prices matter too. As it is an entirely individual thing, you might want to keep the dress under budget for these girls. Going overboard with expensive fabric or other things might be too much. Also do not force them to wear something they might not feel comfortable in. Ask for their opinion and plan at least six months ahead. Go together to shop for fabrics or accessories, and discuss what will look best with your outfit.

You may ask your girls to research on their own for the best possible fabrics, affordable prices and on time delivery. This way it will be less stressful for you and more fun for them.

In the end, keep it simple and less complicated for you and your friends.

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