Mind, Body and Soul

Why Mindfulness is Your New Love Hack

Amy Leigh Mercree

January 2, 2020

Mindfulness is a superpower in relationships: it has the ability to bridge what’s in your head to what is present in your life. When a sexual connection is strong between two people, etheric sex can happen. It is energetic sex—that is, sex with our spirits. Most commonly it happens with intention and conscious knowledge of one another. In those cases, couples who are apart connect energetically and emotionally through the medium of love. Their love for one another flows and etheric lovemaking can occur. You can imagine it like angelic beings might make love. The human body can feel this in the usual physical ways or in more energetic ways, like pulsing energy and tingling sensations. Below is an intimate meditation to bring you and the love of your life closer!

The Triple Infinity Technique

Have the larger/stronger partner sit cross-legged up against a wall with several large pillows behind his or her back. This can be on the bed or a clean carpeted floor. Have him reach behind his back and raise the pillow up off the floor while you slip into his lap and wrap your legs around his back. He can then let the pillows go and lean back. You should be sitting so the front of your bodies are flush together from base to chest. You can place a pillow under your backside as needed for comfort. Embrace and relax.

As you hug each other let your minds become quiet – like you are meditating together. Notice each other’s breathing. In time, bring your attention to three key areas of the body:

  • The low abdomen area
  • The center of the chest or heart center
  • The “third eye” area between the eyes encompassing the center of the forehead.

Feel each area in turn. Notice the connection between you in each area. Feel it. It may feel like pulsing or tingling. Let there be a gentle feeling of an infinity symbol in each of the three areas. Lazily circling between your bodies, hearts, and minds. Let this practice be a relaxing part of your time together that you both look forward to amid the strength and connection of your soul mate marriage.


Amy Leigh Mercree is a bestselling author, holistic health expert, and medical intuitive. Mercree teaches internationally sharing Next Level Healing, Meet Your Guides, Mindfulness Meditation, and Bestseller Bootcamp classes. Mercree is the author of “The Spiritual Girl’s Guide to Dating,” “A Little Bit of Chakras,” “Joyful Living: 101 Ways to Transform Your Spirit and Revitalize Your Life,” “The Chakras and Crystals Cookbook,” “The Compassion Revolution: 30 Days of Living from the Heart,” “A Little Bit of Meditation,” “Essential Oils Handbook,” “Apple Cider Vinegar Handbook,” “A Little Bit of Mindfulness,” “The Mood Book: Crystals, Oils, and Rituals to Elevate Your Spirit,” and the upcoming “A Little Bit of Goddess: An Introduction to the Divine Feminine”. Mercree is fast becoming one of the most quoted women on the web. See what all the buzz is about @AmyLeighMercree on social.