How to Make Your Fall Wedding Colorful

How to Make Your Fall Wedding the Most Colorful Possible

December 26, 2019

We’ve now officially entered into the Fall season. Along with pumpkin and apple picking, one more thing we can expect is weddings. While we all most likely know what to expect at weddings, one of the things that’s most perplexing to a bride during the autumn months is her usage of color on her special day. What unique wedding palette should they have? What colored flowers are they going to use? But beyond those common ways of including color, here are some more fun ways that couples can make their wedding event the most colorful possible.

Wear a Colored Veil
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Wear a Colored Veil

Whether you’re planning on wearing a traditional white wedding dress or are going for something different such as a tie-dye pattern or a non-traditional colored dress, adding a colored veil is the perfect addition to help make your wedding a colorful one. The veil can be blue as part of your ‘something blue’, it can be a subtle light peach or for a more intricate look you can have your white veil embroidered with florals. No matter what colored veil you choose, it will surely shine during your reception and for all those wedding photos!

Add Color to Your Hair
Photo by Tiko Giorgadze on Unsplash

Add Color into Your Hair

Whatever your wedding palette for the big day might be, why not go the extra mile and add in colored hair that matches your main colors? Whether you want parts or all of your hair to be blue, purple, or green, the options are endless for how you can include a different color into your hair. oVertone is a company that has all the options you could need! Check out oVertone’s Instagram if you’re in need of some hair inspiration. You’ll find awesome hair color examples and style ideas for the daring bride!

Go for Gloves

A unique and traditional way to add color within your wedding is by wearing gloves on the big day. Not only is this a wonderful way to bring Jackie O. vibes to your look but it will be perfect if you’re planning a more vintage-inspired wedding. The gloves you wear can be any color that you desire, lavender, blue, peach, or a classic white. Browse through a collection of women’s occasion gloves to find a style that best suits your style. The best part is not only will this show off a bit of color throughout your wedding, but you can easily take them on and off throughout the night!

Add Some Fun into the Groomsmen’s Socks

A fun subtle way to add color to your wedding is through the groomsmen’s attire, specifically through their socks. Whether the groomsmen are planning on wearing long trousers or shorts, adding in colorful and/or patterned socks is a great way to add some fun and creativity into your wedding. While they may not be noticeable to everyone at the wedding, it will at least serve as a colorful, inside joke to everyone aware. boldSOCKS is the exact kind of company you’ll want to use when looking for statement socks. Unsure on how to pull the look together? Look at boldSOCK’s Pinterest for the best tips and styling advice for the groomsmen looking to add a colorful statement to the wedding. You’ll find endless ways for how to wear and share your bold pieces of clothing.

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