Improve your posture and balance

Pilates Moves for Improving Your Posture and Balance for Walking Down the Isle

Mimosa Gordon

December 18, 2019

Everyone watches you come down the aisle; what are they actually seeing? Appearance isn’t everything, but posture is. You can create ease and radiance with great posture. Here are Pilates classics that have your back.

Side bend and stretch:

On mat or floor, rise up in to a side plank on your hand, with your feet flexed and stacked (modification: one foot in front of the other and/or be on your forearm.). Line up the back of your head with the arches of your feet. Imagine you have to keep your whole back body pressed in to a wall behind you (modification, do this with a wall behind you) and keep your shoulder blade well hugged on to your back. Stay up for five to eight breaths, rest for three breaths, three times on each side. Challenge level: lower hips to floor and back up three to five times.

Standing side bend:

Stand tall, as if your head is reaching to support the ceiling, with arms at your sides. Feet may be together, parallel or toes very slightly apart. Press your heels and upper inner thighs together and lift your back ribs up away from your hips. Look straight ahead. Slide one arm up to alongside your ear, reaching fingertips to the ceiling. Reach up and over to the opposite side, stretching the side. Stay in line with your feet. Actively use your sides to come to center and bring your arm down and in, close to your body. Three to five times on each side.

The wall:

Got a wall? You can do this. Stand with your back against the wall and walk your feet 12-18 inches away, parallel together or in a small V. Soften your knees and use your midsection to fill in the space between you and the wall as best you can. Breathe in to the wall, and keep your back on the wall when you exhale. Look straight ahead. Add three to five big arm circles each direction, keeping your back on the wall. Walk your feet back against the wall, lightly step away, go forth and feel tall.


Mimosa is a Pilates & Fitness expert located in New York.

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