Dressing the Groom

July 3, 2019

“The beauty of bespoke is that it is fit to the individual, so it always looks on point.”

Nothing calls for bespoke like your wedding day. From footwear, to tailoring to beautiful leather goods – why buy off the rack when you can have something made especially for you.

When it comes to that all important decision time for the grooms wedding attire, often it’s left to the final moments, and we all know that quick thinking fashion decisions often end in disaster. So, without further ado, here are some top tips for your grooms outfit.

The obvious considerations are season, location, time of day, party size and the formality of the event.

A casual beach wedding or trip to City Hall may require something much less formal than a cathedral or even an elegant event space. After that, consider personal taste. How does the groom want to look? What ideas does the bride have? Level of formality may also be dictated by what the bride is wearing and the style of her dress.

The groomsmen fall in line with the formality of the bride and groom.

For a daytime wedding, morning dress is most appropriate while a suit is often sufficient for a less formal setting.  The weight of the cloth is an essential consideration when considering wedding suits. A heavier weight fabric has more longevity and holds its shape better but consider your location as it might require a more appropriate lightweight cloth.  Don’t forget – the groom may have a little nervous energy and might appreciate a lighter weight fabric!

Take into account your skin tone when choosing the color of your cloth.

To enhance your best features, it is important that your choice complements your complexion. To get the most from your suit after the wedding, it is also worth bearing in mind the flexibility of the color for other occasions.

The Tuxedo is an elegant option for an evening event only if well styled and fitted.

The elements of black tie consist of a jacket and trouser combination in either black or midnight blue – wool or mohair. The jacket lapels and trouser braid are silk (or another contrasting material) and are coupled with a white dress shirt, a black bow-tie, a waistcoat or cummerbund and black dress shoes. Technically tuxedos should only be worn after 6pm.

Ian Meiers is the Co-Founder of Cad & The Dandy. Their New York City shop is now open bespoke suits, bespoke shirts and tailored separates as well as follow-up fittings.

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