Groom in two-toned tuxedo

Adding Flair to Your Groom (and his Men!)

December 19, 2018

We spend a lot of time talking about the Bride – what she wears, her makeup, and what she wants.  But what about the Groom and his attendants?  Here are some fun ideas for every groom to make a statement of his own.

Play with color!

The traditional black tuxedo will never go out of style.  But what if it’s not YOUR style?  How about some other ideas. Not sure you can jump right off the deep end? Try a two-toned tuxedo. This allows traditional formality with a slight twist. Two-toned tuxedos take two colors (like midnight blue and black in the photo above) to add a little style to your look.  Make sure you still consider the color scheme of your entire wedding.  You’ll want to match and not clash.

Of course having colorful options in many cultures IS tradition, like Indian sherwanis, but what if it’s not in yours? Want to be even more different?  Try mixing expected colors with unexpected ones like subdued pants with a bright jacket or vice versa.  Or a patterned suite and textured fabric. Blue, red, even blush or white colored jackets are hot right now. As long as the colors all complement each other, why not?  Imagine the possibilities.  If it’s a more casual affair, try a sport coat or blazer.  There are a number of colors available to you.  You can also Coordinate your boutonnière to match and really express your personality.

Groom in Red Jacket


Ditch the Formality

Not the formal type of guy?  Perhaps your style is a little more laid back.  And with the surge of rustic, country style weddings, you might just find yourself at home in a more relaxed look. Consider using softer fabrics like tweed and houndstooth for your jacket or vest. They tend to create a warm, relaxed look.  Bow ties and suspenders are also options for a less formal setting.  You can also get playful with patterns and colors either to compliment your bride or to express your style.  We’ve even seen some weddings where the groom decides to forgo the tie altogether.  Here’s a great resource for determining what to choose based on your wedding.

This more casual style is also perfect for a destination or outdoor wedding. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable at what is supposed to be one of the best days of your life!  Hawaiian shirts, khaki shorts and short-sleeved linen shirts are perfect for that beach wedding where comfort plays a big role in what to wear.

When my sister got married in Jamaica, my brother-in-law wore casual tan pants and a white linen shirt without a tie.  To him, it was dressing up, to my sister (who wore a more formal wedding gown) it was better than what he wanted to wear!  Sometimes a little compromise makes for the best situation and ultimately starts your marriage out right!

Groom with suspenders and boho boutonnière

Accessories with pizazz!

Now here is where you can have a lot of fun.  We’ve been seeing a rise in the number of grooms who choose custom socks for their groomsmen.  We’ve seen superhero patterns, bright colors, fun plaids and printed labels like “best man” on socks.  What a fun way to express your style than with socks.  And the really fun thing about it is that they can be covered up during the more formal parts of the ceremony.

The fun doesn’t stop at socks.  There’s boxer shorts with “groom”, etc. printed on them, sun glasses, baseball caps, t-shirts and even more.  Have fun with it and make it an event with your entire crew.  Give them something that they’ll never forget and be able to keep with them for years to come.


Looking for some fun ideas for getting you and possibly your wedding party from the ceremony to the reception?  Of course everyone can always hop in their own cars and drive themselves, but why not make it fun too?  Limousines and party busses are always an option.  They can hold large amounts of people and can transport you in style.

Consider some other options as well.  Classic cars and vintage trucks are perfect for both the throw back wedding style and the rustic, country event.  They’re fun to decorate with garlands and cans to drag behind and can vary in size depending upon the number of people you want to transport.

Do you have a more hipster flair?  How about a vespa or a bicycle – even a tandem one!  Make sure your bride doesn’t have a long train – that could be disastrous!  Decorate the bike with flowers and a cute “just married” sign and you’re all set!

Lastly, is your wedding at a golf course?  Be sure to use a decorated golf cart for you and your wedding party to travel from one place to another.  Like all of these options, have fun with it and make sure you use any of these transportation options as a great photo op!


No matter what you decide, make sure your wedding is a showcase of your own style.  Be comfortable, be stylish and look great.  It’s your day to shine!

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