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Finding Your Décor and Flowers

October 17, 2018

As a wedding planner and 3rd generation florist, I know that most couples enjoy choosing their venue and their vendors. But the #1 thing I see them most anxious to choose is their décor and flowers. I get it, and let’s face it, nothing adds more life and vibrancy to a wedding than flowers.

There truly are only a few things that can make or break a wedding and flowers are one of them. I sense that you think I am exaggerating? Well, we have all been to a wedding or two where we judged the centerpieces, right? We will even look at the centerpiece and place the entire price tag of the wedding.  Then say, “they paid how much for the wedding and that is the centerpiece they got?” As if the centerpiece cost them the entire wedding budget.

We rarely are conscious of the power the flowers really have over the whole wedding. Just take a moment to really think about it. Imagine just for a moment a white tablecloth and dishes, plain and simple. Now imagine a centerpiece on the table. Whether it is a tight ball of scarlet red roses or a grouping of free-flowing greens draping down the center of a table with a scattering of blush garden flowers and a hint of baby’s-breath here and there, either of them will change the entire look of the tables and thus the entire reception.

So now that we agree that flowers are extremely important and you realize you just can not skimp on them. Coupled with the fact that we know they can be expensive, what can be done to compromise? The truth is, you can get a lot more for your money if you follow my simple little gold nugget tip.

Typically, when couples are price shopping they will not call the florist who has been in business the longest.  They think they will be more expensive, but in most cases, it is not true. I recommend that you look for the most experienced and most patient florist. You can save a lot of money and get beautiful arrangements at a great price and excellent quality. They will be the most knowledgeable about how to save money and still get what you want.

Often when a client comes to me with a picture and wants to know how much it will cost, my 1st thought is typically to let them know it is WAY out of their budget. But of course that isn’t what I actually tell them. After all, it is my job to make their dreams come true not shatter them. So, instead, I make a simple request. I ask them, “Tell me what you like about the photo.”

Their answer helps me to understand a little more about what they want and their expectation. They may like the colors, the style, the container, or the size. If the client is flexible, I can follow it up with something like, “The photo you showed me would be about $300 each.  But if you just like the container, size, style and/or color, I could make you something very similar for only $150.”  When the client is flexible and is willing to listen to my suggestions, I can truly get them what they want at a price they can afford.

Only a very knowledgeable seasoned professional can offer the options that will help the client to achieve the look they want in the budget they can afford.

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