2017 Trends: Fresh Takes on Timeless Themes

December 16, 2016

Today’s trends are mostly classic themes with a fresh twist. That’s the key to adding trendy elements to your wedding — keeping it classic with a twist is a surefire way to create a modern wedding that’s still timeless. Here’s what’s happening in wedding trends for 2017.

Style: Soft & Saturated

Brides, of course, are still wearing gowns — in fact, sometimes they’re wearing more than one! Wearing multiple looks for the ceremony and reception is on-trend and gaining momentum as brides want to have their princess moment, then kick off their shoes and dance the night away. But if you’re keeping it classic and gown-only, you’ll see layers of lace, illusion backs with fine detailing and buttons, all sorts of sleeves, and long trains paired with cathedral-length veils. These frocks don’t only come in white: you can find them in an array of light colors like gold, blush, grey, and blue.

Such soft neutral looks carry over into the bridal party with bridesmaids wearing neutral palettes and metallics- often times mixing and matching. Of course, when they’re not wearing a barely-there color, you’ll find bridesmaids in rich jewel tones like sapphire blue, emerald green, and amethyst purple. In short, it’s trendy to be on either end of the spectrum (pastel or highly saturated) rather than somewhere in between.

In terms of menswear, colored suits are taking the place of traditional black tuxedos. Blue and grey suits have been big on the red carpet, and so this colorful trend is making its way to the wedding industry.

Wedding themes: Pinterest Pretty & Keeping It Classic

We’re living in the days of Pinterest-loving brides so it comes as little surprise that DIY weddings are still very trendy. While the classic wedding is still popular, couples are also choosing reception venues that allow for a lot of creativity — sites where you pay to rent the space, but are responsible for bringing your own décor, catering, and other rentals.

Lots of today’s weddings are all about ambience, and more brides are setting aside large chunks of their budget strictly for decorations. As for the type of décor, rustic weddings are still very much in style, but the trend is shifting from burlap and mason jars to a combination of earthy and glamorous. You’ll see elements like crystal chandeliers, eclectic place settings, and Instagram-worthy lounge areas staged with vintage furniture.

Flowers: Loose & Lush

The floral industry is experiencing a return to the cascading bridal bouquet. Brides want flowers with a natural feeling: lush, loose, and looking like they were just plucked from a garden. Trailing ribbons in silk, taffeta, or velvet are another way for brides to personalize their bouquets. Brides can pin to their bouquet ribbons charms or photo lockets in remembrance of deceased loved ones.

When it comes to flower colors, anything goes! You’ll see autumn tones at spring weddings, and pastel pretties in fall bouquets. The traditional white bridal bouquet is also never out of style, but it’s getting a bit of an update as florists mix shades of white and blush for texture and interest. Bridesmaid bouquets are taking a cue from the mix-and-match dress trend: Flowers for your ladies can now be varied and reflect each girl’s personality.

Food: Unique Eats

The traditional sit-down, three- or five-course meal is experiencing a sort of revolution. While you’ll still see these formal dinners at classic weddings, many more brides are also turning food into an interactive event. Family-style meals and food trucks are increasingly common.

Couples also want their food to have meaning, so they’ll work with caterers to create custom meals. Want mac n’ cheese at your wedding? You can have it! Dinners that feature locally-grown and in-season ingredients are also very popular. These more casual farm-to-table dinners go hand-in-hand with family-style dining to foster a comfortable, homey environment.

When it comes to desserts, “interactive” is still the name of the game. Dessert tables of pie, ice cream, candy, or cupcakes reign supreme. Some couples choose to have both a classic wedding cake (it’s tradition!) along with a dessert bar just for fun. And just as food trucks are gaining popularity, so are dessert “trucks” like gelato carts and gourmet popsicle stands. These help-yourself stations aren’t just for edibles — they’re for drinkables, too. Coffee and hot chocolate bars with all the fixings are a cool trend for winter weddings.

Then there’s the late-night snack — a treat that many guests have almost come to expect nowadays. Couples can go greasy and delicious (pizza) or offer a home-town specialty (ex: cheesesteaks in Philadelphia) at any style of wedding. Late-night snacks are not only yummy, they’re yet another opportunity for the bride and groom to get creative and show off their personality and style.

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